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bleeding heart

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I need prayers or words of wisdom. I'm feeling that it's going real bad. She came to the house while I was at church. Looking for stuff that she knew wasn't here. She then instigated me to break down. And text her some feelings and questions. Things that have been bothering me. It is in hope that maybe she'll think about them or answer I did reiterate that I'm here to forgive her and still love her. I don't know I'm very lost today with the obstacles that have be placed here.

  • Have you started the Love Dare?  I think that you will gain a massive amount of insight if you have not already done the Love Dare.  Answers to questions you didn't know that you even had.  How is your trust in God?  How is your trust in God when the worst possible scenarios come your way?  Most people who have a relationship with Jesus knows that He can perform the miracles we are asking for but I also believe that most of us do not think He will perform those miracles for us.  You are worth it.  Jesus loves you and He loves her just the same.

  • I am glad you came to this area of the site.  As you know, it gets worse before it gets better.  The worse part builds your trust in Christ and forces you to look to Him for comfort.  

    I am not real sure what you mean as far as a break down.  But she will push you, taunt you, and do things such as take things from the home to get you to break, to prove the changes you are making are all a ruse to win you back and to prove the new you is all fake.  

    Do the dares and stay consistent in being patient and kind.  This will build the testimony she needs to see over time.  

    As far as asking questions, trying to see where she stands in all of this, or to find comfort from her, seek Christ first.  This will keep you from getting in her space, driving her back further.  Let Christ work in her while you walk in the path that leads to Him.

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