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Today was a little challenging for the fact that my son was in quite the mood.Needless to say it took me almost all day to get through reading the dare and actually taking it all in.  So I did the completed the dare to a degree. It said to ask for their input in upcoming decisions, and if i had overlooked her input in the past, to admit it to her and ask for her forgiveness.  I did the latter part because the only big decision to make in the near future is how to go about facing her in court in the divorce that she wants so badly.  After I sent her a text containing the latter part of the dare I prayed. I asked that this not be received in a negative way and that she will truly forgive me.

  • If you and your son wake up at the same time or close to it, it may be best to set your alarm a little earlier so you have quiet time for morning prayer and to read the dare.

    If you couldn't do the dare in person, then try a phone call, use text last.  

  • Yes Justin, set aside time to spend with the Lord.  Ask Him for guidance in all that you do.  Prayers to you.

  • I usually try to read the dare and preface material during his nap. I will be brave enough to tell her over the phone instead of text next time. In person if at all possible.

  • Good to hear.  It gets scary doing the dares at times. But be yourself, and trust Christ in doing the dares.  This is when you get the most growth, during the tough ones while trusting Christ.  

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