Collaborate without boundaries
  • Random thought today

    I had a random thought today and it was this, when is enough enough? How long should someone be in marriage where there is no progress? Some people spend months and months doing the dares and yes while it is for personal growth, how long until you should...
  • uneasy-ness when im around

    I completed todays dare which was without having an agenda to reach out to her and see how her days going and if there was anything i could do for her. So i did. i texted her goodmorning hows Aiden ( our son ) and she said hes good just woke up and she...
  • Day 3 Dare complete

    So today went well I think. We had agreed she would come over today to give my father the honor of being our sons Godfather. After that was done I walked her to her car and helped her put her stuff inside the car and waited on the drivers and opened the...
  • How to apply when not in same household

    Hello everyone, i am new to TLD and i watched the movie Fireproof. Although that situation is realistic, i cant help but feel like the road to doing the love dare is going to be an exhausting and sometimes let down path. I know things get better after...
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