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Day 3 Dare complete

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So today went well I think. We had agreed she would come over today to give my father the honor of being our sons Godfather. After that was done I walked her to her car and helped her put her stuff inside the car and waited on the drivers and opened the door for her, she went for a hug first but it wasn't just a quick hug, it was more of a " I mean this hug" type of hug. First time in a long time since I've felt so happy she's been responsive especially after what I text her last night. After we hugged I gave her a kiss on the cheek and told her I had gotten her a little something, she of course asked what it was and I said it's just a gift for you and handed her the gift ( a bracelet that says "I am always with you" ) she said thank you and gestured for me to kiss her cheek goodbye and so I did, that was it, i closed her door and she left. This was around 12pm and I knew she was going to take our soon for lunch before she went into work at 4. I still haven't heard from her about the bracelet and I don't expect her to because it was a gift from the heart and like the book said, not to have expectations but to leave that work in Gods hands. I really do hope she wears it. It would mean she is opening up her heart in a way. But again, that work is for God o handle. I can only pray that she allows his grace to fill the void she has and help guide her back to what we used to be. My wife and I when she brought up the "D" spoke on good terms and are being as good of terms as we can be for now. Hopefully I'm not overthinking the hug, but it is the first time in a long time she gave me a hug that felt like it meant something. 

  • Enjoy the hug.  And let God know your real comfort and joy is from Him, not her, the hug, or anything else.

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