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Dare 39R3...Love Endures

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This dare is hard, I don't write well under stress and wanting to say it all right is stressful. I don't even know if she will take it if she comes to our house.

My love for MH has grown through this trial in God's grace through forgiveness. I just don't understand how someone can live in unforgiveness, the peace one receives is a deep freeing peace. I have been learning so much this week through the dares, mine and all of yall's added together with my own study of God's word. mostly about surrender and thankfulness, humility and forgiveness, these are the corner posts of the defence barrier against the depression, fear, pain and falls back into old sin. If we don't surrender everything to the will of God, dropping our own will, we will fall back into sin. if we don't humble ourselves before God and seek him for his will, we will in selfish pride demand God prove his love to us. I we don't foregive the way Christ forgave us not only do we lie to the truth but we will not be forgiven. If we don't show thankfulness to God in everything, including pain, we show that we haven't surrendered in humility or forgiven as Christ. A vicious cycle that leads to destruction.

Forgot to post this last night.

  • All you can do is write it and leave it. The next step is in God's hands.

  • Maybe try being yourself when you write to her.  YOu seem fine and do well writing here.

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