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Dare 38R3...Love Fulfills Dreams

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I am doing my best to make our house a beautiful place to live. I know that is something that she would want, but more importantly I am working on my relationship with Jesus, walking with him and seeking his face.


Cleanliness of the life is to be strived for but impossible for us to accomplish aside from a relationship with Jesus. God with his perfect plan took from us the need to clean ourselves as the Israelites were required by the Law. The Law of grace given through Jesus death on the cross, cleansed the whole world of sin, by crucifying the sin of the whole human race on the cross with Jesus. His resurrection from the dead brought us to God, by joint resurrection in Jesus, to be made new in him thereby bridging the gap sin made between man and God because of his righteousness we are made righteous in Christ. And by his ascension to the throne of God gave us the gift of the Holy Spirit, as he promised, as proof of our salvation and his work in our lives to guide and teach us all the mysteries of God.


Wow that is a mouthful. I strive daily for this, not for MH, but for Jesus my savior, King and God because of his great love for me.

  • This is something that MH desires for me, but attaining it is for Jesus. MH's Dreams are on my mind constantly.

  • Having a clean and nice home is the same path I am on. It makes it more welcoming and generally makes you want to come home again.

  • Guys, remember, if/when they come home, you will be use to keeping the house clean, doing the grocery shopping, laundry, yardwork,...and on and on, but you may make them feel useless when they see you do everything.  and they will not like that feeling.  

    Just something to be aware of.

  • Even now they see how you are doing well running a household without you.  So, be cautious of expounding on that.  You don't want them to feel unneeded.

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