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Dare 35R3...Love is Accountable

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If you don't have one? Get one.

This is one of the most important things in marriage, first you need to be accountable to God never let a day go by without being in his word. Next to your spouse communication, truth, (total nakedness of the mind and thoughts) then a good Godley couple to bounce things off of. I read a short sermon on defeating sexual sin; in the talk on Psalm 2, he made a very good step by step, he pointed out that if you look at verses 1-5 then end with 16 you get in a nut shell

Read, the Bible until you love to read and obey the bible.
Then, you will know and fear God deep in your heart.
So, you will be delivered from "the Forbidden woman"-sexual sin and temptation.

It is very concise and understandable, and knowing that 1of3 men have a problem with Porn and 2of5 women, it is an epidemic and the church hardly brooches the surface. Men, get in a group and stay accountable. Same for you ladys. It kills marriages. I know that there are so ladies out there that will say "I don't have a problem with that" you know your besting sin, the one you live defeated in, find some one that understands you and get accountable.

God is holy, do you think that your prayers will be answered if you are living in sin? I am saying this for my own accountability here on this forum as much as I am for your own benefit, don't get me wrong, I am praying for you and yours.

  • I"ve been reading the old testament how staying in His laws, decrees or commandments brings about good, going against Him leads to punishment.  

    I think the appendix also talks of the less sin or the closer you are in alignment with God the more effective prayer is.

    All this is similar to what you said about sin and prayers.

  • "God is holy, do you think that your prayers will be answered if you are living in sin?"

    Eyes Opened

  • Tim, Those places in the old testament can be scary, and they were meant to be, now we live in the age of grace through the blood of Jesus. The consequences for our actions we face are different from the punishments God doled out on the nations and people back then. It is still frightening to fall into the hands of the living God.

    Bret, It is a tough fight we fight, one against our selves, one we cant win without Jesus blood. Through him we have the Holy Spirit who works in us to do God's will, if you know the saying "feed the right dog"

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