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Dare 34R3...Love Celebrates Godliness

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I am floored by the grace of God. Not that anything happened, He is just so good to me. I have been working on my house, and on Friday started a 16”x16” deck on the front of my house, if I had the money I could finish it tomorrow. As I was standing looking at the frame being assembled, I was thanking Him for his provision and at that moment he reminded me of several Psalms that intone “I will give you success” and I just started laughing and thanking Him again. I want so much for MH to be impressed with my progress with the house, but that isn’t where my heart needs to be, I need to be doing all for God’s glory not my own. When we decide to glorify him in or lives and stop looking at how great we have become… That reminds me of Nebuchadnezzar in the book of Daniel. He looked out at the great city of Babylon and praised himself, God made him eat grass for 7 years until he looked to heaven and praised God… we need to take this as a lesson. It brings me to something I said yesterday evening, I was talking with one of my mom’s friends and said “I started a group of guys that want to get their marriages back together” the Lord convicted me right there, I did nothing, God is doing everything….humbling….

Don’t forget where you come from and who brought you to where you are now.

  • That was a great catch when you realized you said I started....

    You are replacing more and more of your will with God's will.  pretty cool.

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