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Dare 32R3...Love meets Sexual needs

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Not till after we're back together.

A shift in focus. I was hanging with a new friend from church and as we settled into making some didgeridoos around his fire pit. He said some profound things. He said in response to hearing some of my situation that, as we all know, we can't change even one hair on our owe head nor can we change the thoughts of anyone even if they are in our area of influence. When God is on duty, spoken as if he was in the military and assigned a post, he doesn't slack, sit, loaf, daydream, or twiddle his thumbs. When he is on duty he is working and as the Word tells us he "nether slumbers nor sleeps" so we can take heart and live in thankfulness and praise him in these trials we walk.

Remember to be thankfull and to praise him it is our reasonable duty, and command, so do it willingly and in truth. You will see the blessing in the small things.

  • It's incredible how He can work within us and have results without taking away our free will that is warped by the world's ways and evil's influence.  

    To be thankful and to praise as you mentioned.  The things I didn't do much of before this trial.  I feel so inadequate praising and thanking Him.  How can I do justice praising an almighty God?  

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