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Dare 31R3...Love and Marriage

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I did have a problem with leaving when MH and I were first married. Now in this trial I have reconnected with my mom and dad, and had some healing between us and between me and my older sister, but that has not come between me and MH even now.

There are a lot of things that can come between in a marriage, hobbies, cell phones, video games, books, work...we need to make sure our priorities are in line with God, Him first, spouse, children, ministry, work. If this gets out of order like taking the middle card from a a house of cards to place it at the top the house crumbles before you can place it at the top. the same happens in fixing a watch, the pieces go in a certain order and must be meticulously cleaned and lightly oil for proper working, it isn't over, the watch must be timed, it must work, that means careful monitoring and adjusting ( sometimes another disassembly and reassembly) to get it right. It is the same with our walk with God. If we don't maintain a vigilance worthy of our love for God we will fail, no questions asked no quarter given, do not pass go or collect $200, we will FAIL.

Remember that God is Holy first then loving, because Love is not nesseceraly holy, but Holyness is love. Walk in that love and you will stand before kings, move mountains and calm stormy seas. God has made us more than concorrers through him who saved us.

  • God does need to be first. It is unfortunate we had to face the trials we are in to see it.

  • It's cool to see you guys go from journaling about the ordeals you are going through in this trial to more of a teaching mode.  It shows growth and peace are occurring.  Also keep journaling for accountability.

    Patience....I suppose watch repair would be a good test for patience.  

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