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Dare 29,30R3...Love seeks Unity

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I am asking God to I could make contact with MH but she asked for no contact, I will at every opportunity tell her that I love her. But as Tim stated in his entry I have not had an argument or even an angry look in months. I will continue to pray for and seek unity in our marriage. God has his hands on me my wife and my children who can stand in His way not me not Satan himself.

Love without expectation is one of the most growing experiences anyone can go through. It takes effort, you never knew it would take, It means the possibility of getting hit with silence or even a venomous remark. It takes courage, because no one wants to be rejected. As you complete this dare you don't feel like you accomplished anything, but the peace from God you get fills you and as you continue in it you understand his love for his bride, and love both your spouse and his bride more.

I look at the pain and trial as my reasonable service to God, and thank Him choosing me do the LD. I am privelaged to walk with all of you here, you are all precious to Him and because you are to him you are to me, I am blessed to pray for you, cheer you and cry with you.

Prayers for all.

  • Tim is right, I would say don't stir the pot unless told to by God. It may feel as if His work is taking forever, but here is my thought on it. She is more like a Swiss watch, a fine precision instrument. Takes a lot of work and effort, but it is a masterpiece at the end. Give it time and keep praying. We will be here praying with you.

    I have to say, being on here, we can all relate to this. We have something special between us all. If I asked my friends to pray for me, they would look at me like I lost it. Here though, we volunteer to pray for each other.

  • Funny you should bring up the watch thing, fixing watches is one of my hobbies, putting in the correct part can be a quick fix but getting it to keep time can take weeks. It is thanks Bret good analogy.

  • When you want something, you did what you should do.  Go to God and seek His will in what you want.  

    This i an awesome community to be a part of.  Some people just don't get it.  Just don't even want to look at God, as Bret was saying about others praying for each other.  I have a coworker who's wife left him for another and now they are engaged.  He talks to me about how it isn't fair or right, all the things we say when our spouses left or checked out of our marriages.  Yet, he will not listen at all when I suggest prayer, etc.  The world must be so ingrained in us that many of us will not seek anything outside of the world.  But hopefully all of our testimonies will pull people to their journey.

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