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Dare 15-16R3

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No contact is hard, but it is in these times that I am streached the most, I don't even dislike this time, I cherish the time spent in the word, and visiting with other believers.

Last night was th first night at the camp out, I there are no towers in the area so no LD Journaling till Tuesday, I'm in the car dealers getting my car fixed. I am loving this outing, last night we sat up singing worship songs and hymns till curfew (10:00pm) what a great time, also I ran my idea of the LD group past the pastor and he is totally on board. I have one member already! The thing is I don't want any members, I would rather everyone live at peace with their spouse, I want those that MUST attend be reunited with their savior, God can do the rest.

Had a great talk with a couple at the camp out that are praying for us. We got into scripture and talked about seeking the truth in the word and forgiveness, God has given me a great group of believers to hag with, here and there. We also talked about taking a trial as molding and shaping that God wants for our lives, and the joy that comes with understanding that everything that is happening to us is in God's will for our growth, and His goal for us is to emulate His Son. This has been a hard week so it has been very encouraging.

  • No contact is hard. But there is one that is always available that is showing you that He is all you need.

    As for the dar group. That’s awesome. But you must understand one thing. As God trusts you with few things, you will be rewarded with many. And that reward may just be more people... doesn’t make sense right? LOL...

    As Tim knows, I was here for 7 or so years assisting in journeys. And as God blessed me with the ability to guide each day with words and advice, more of the reward was placed upon me, and yes it was a reward, people still use many of my words that have guided them to where they are today. Although the reward seemed like a burden because I was taking on more and more people, in reality. It was a blessing when they all just touch base and I see that their joy is simply in Christ, be it if their marriage was saved or not.

    So as you gain more and more in your group, yes it will break your heart what they go through, but know this... you are moving on what God gave you, so remember each time it feels like a burden, remember what it says in the Bible “well done, good and faithful servent”

  • Sean's right, most of what I say that makes sense most likely came from him.  The nonsense I say is me.

    And it can feel like a burden, one that you very well may want to walk away from.  And you can begin to feel callous.  Well, maybe not any of you.  

  • Tim, that is not the case. Your comments are yours from what you have learned here. Yes some may have a basis from my time with you, but your testimony is yours my friend. And you have carried the torch for a while and have done an acceptional job.

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