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Dare 14R3...Delights

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I would absolutely love to do this dare, so it will have to be me working in the blueberry patch with God standing over my sholder.

I have to say doing the dares like this is streatching me hard, I know that this is what God wants for me, to live the dares for him no one else. They must be second nature, anything else is fake.

Had a fun time with my mom and dad today. We went to the library and played music for some small children and read some books to them. I have struggled through this day, its even a little hard to pray, I am looking forward to this weekends camp out, I really need some time to rest and reflect, the group sets up small worship and study times that you can move in and out of at your leasure, there are nature walks and a beach.

I think I am going to start a LD group, there are a few guys in the church that are having merrital problems and I think this would really benefit them, not that I am by any means great at doing the dares, but I feel that God wants me to. Actually I have never lead anything and do not do well as an MC. I know that if I go into this prayerfully I know God will give me what ever I need to accomplish His will, regardless of my inability.

Finally brothers (and sisters) be strong and courageous in the power of his might. Prayers for all

  • If God leads you to help others, do not worry you aren't a good MC.  So many biblical characters were not the type to do what they were called to do.  Some were stutters, some were weak, some were fearful.  Yet God did amazing things through these less than equipped people.  

    Those hard to pray days.  Maybe those days it is better to give a little more time being quiet in prayer and giving God time to talk.  I don't know the best strategy for those times, but I think when we persevere through them, we come out stronger in Christ.  

  • And if you lead a group and some grow quicker or farther than you are,  rejoice.  

  • Thanks for the encouragement Tim.

  • Bring a group together is a big task. But one worth every minute. As for the MC part, well don’t treat it like one. You are the vessel that Christ is leading in this. So, be casual and make it a men’s group that is not only about the dare but more importantly one that holds accountability. In this journey accountability is the most important thing. Without it we cover mistakes that will end up back where we are. That is the hard part, and I am sure Tim and a few others can tell you about the reactions I get from time to time when it comes to accountability. But if we truly want to walk with Christ, we must...

  • Sean's right.  when you hold others accountable a few will attack.  thinking you are nothing but negative, trying to get your way in everything everyone does, etc.  At first it may throw you for a loop, but, when you are holding people accountable for their walk in Christ, it is much easier to take the anger they may throw at you.  

    It happens now and then on this site.  Not often thank God.

    And sometimes the people that know you are the least likely to listen.  Jesus said something about that.

  • Helping others is where it's at. Your experience now could save many other marriages.

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