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Dare 13R3...Fights Fair

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Well as we never really fought with each other, that is part of the reason I was so blindsided by this, but I see them in the future. I commit to choosing God's love, and when you choose love there is no room for anger, resentment.

The Love of God has so many fasets, like a Dimond as you turn it in your hand you see another aspect to apply to your life, God being love shows us what that means through his charicter and the New Testiment tells us to emulate his love as Jesus exampled for us. The more I choose to live that love the more I see my sinful self, I can't fight it in me, but God living that truth in me and out through me and I can gain victory over it.

Choose love and be still, stand and see the salvation of the Lord.

  • Dont have expectations of fighting in the future.

    Keep gaining wisdom as you have been doing.  When your walk slows down, find other ways to keep the growth going.  

  • Anger and resentment have to be put on the burner and dealt with. They are unproductive. Love beats them every time. Love never fails.

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