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Dare 12R3...Let's the other one Win

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I have Done this dare over and over (in my mind) and learned that to wake in the morning and say"how can I make your day better?" is the kind of humility that God requires of us as Christians that shows the love of Christ, and makes the "let's the other one win" a true statement in our hearts, because we commit to do that thing willingly and with enthusiasm and humility and love.

My visit with the girls went mutch as usual and there is nothing to report. MH was not there, I did expect her to not be there because she spoke to me the last visit and she is showing me that nothing has changed. As painful as that is I am thankful that I got to see the girls. They are so smart, the oldest is learning three languages, and the other ywo are learning two a peace, on top of their other studies, I am so proud of them. On top of that MH teaches them at home. I am so proud of her too.

I spent the day with my parents and got some things done around MH's an my house, mowing and a little cleaning, so a good day.

  • As you plant these dares in your mind when you can not do them, it will come through as action when you can.

    What we allow in our minds so often comes out as words or actions at some point, whether it's good or negative thoughts in our minds.  

  • She can try to show you nothing has changed.  But this does not mean things aren't changing with God working.  

  • Yes God is working, in my conversation with the elder he said that this situation is taking a daily toll on MH, this is something that pushes have been asking God about, she lives with her parents, perfect: house, schedule, food, clean, teaching, support, money (I provide), time. She lives in an ivory tower! How can I compete with that? But God showed me that she is not enjoying it through the elders comment. It gave me compassion for her and turned my prayer in a different direction. God knows what she needs.

  • Nothing has changed?!?! This is something they will refuse to believe as long as they possibly can. Their brains have been wired one way for so long that it is going to take an equal amount of time to rewire. Our road is long and difficult.

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