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Dare 11R3....Love Cherishes

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Again with no contact it is painful to do some of the dares. But as Jesus "for the joy set before Him bore the cross, dispizing the shame" "He set his face like a flint" I will , with the help of the Holy Spirit, do also.

I was not able to complete the dare on MH but my mother's stove needed cleaning so I did that.

Today's Worship time was so good, I was in awe of the great Love and faithfulness God has shown us through Jesus death on the cross His resurrection and ascent. We owe a great debt that He paid in full.

I get to visit my girls tomarow, Please pray, it isn't easy. I love my girls, and can't wait to see them, but I'm the only one that does, and that hurts, But as I stated in my first line I will hold the line and pray for them nonstop and seek reconciliation till the end.

  • Prayers for your girls and the changes that need to take place in them and prayers for when you see them.  

  • I am praying for you and the girls also.

  • Just said a prayer for you and your girls.

    I want to tell you that throughout my ordeal I have been very protective of the kids. Making sure to not smear my wife's name or put them in the middle of things. (I try but I have failed at this a couple of times) I let them know (when they ask) that divorce is unacceptable and wrong though. Then they draw their own conclusions. Because I have been like that they are drawn to me. My wife and her mother seem to want to put them in the middle of this and that makes them appreciate me more. Be positive no matter how hard it is and your kids will see that and they will cling to that. Kids don't want drama, they want safety. You can give them that.

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