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Dare 9R3....Love Makes Good Impressions

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Love makes good impressions….. I have been doing this dare every time I see MH, and will continue till the day I die.

Being still is hard, but it is the dare #1 in action, and the only one I can practice daily. On my last visit I saw MH as she was leaving, when we ended our conversation I said “it’s really nice to see you”, and she said “it’s nice to see you too” I almost died right there. She sat in her car and talked to me until her dad answered the door. I was so blessed. God is so good. I think that the lies and fears are being broken down between MH and me. She has avoided all contact, but sat there and continued to talk, not her MO for the last 6 months. I know that it is because I am “being still” that this is happening. Also being still like fasting makes you look to God in prayer more.

I have been struggling a little bit with what to pray when it concerns MH and the girls so yesterday I fasted. God’s will in her life, the Lord to lead her heart to repentance, and a desire to believe the truth when she hears it. Added to the other things I pray for her.

One of my coworkers offered me some supper, and I got to explain to her what fasting is and why we as Christians do it. I have been witnessing to her for some time, she is agnostic, and I hope and pray that she will come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. She happens to be the Girl I was accused of infidelity with.

  • Offered supper at her house?  Alone with her?  That would be a definite no no if that's the case.  I am not assuming it is.

    It is great to share testimony and be a witness.  But be very cautious doing it one on one with the opposite sex.  Even if you remain pure in your thoughts and desires, it does not mean an agnostic woman would.  

    And if you were accused of having some kind of affair with her, should you cut all personal contact with her?  Why put your marriage further at risk.  And would cutting ties show unity with your wife?   If you did of course explain why to her.  

  • No, at work she had extra. I have only professional contact with her in the work environment, around other coworkers. I have no personal ties with her at all.

  • It's nice to see the communication.

    Keep praying for her. But remember this is all in God's time.

  • Josh, good to hear.  i assumed you had it all under control.  I know I often hit where others don't need to be hit.  but, just want to cover all the bases.  Even so people years down the road that read your journals will not assume it's okay to spend one on one time with another person of the opposite sex.  

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