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I had a great day I got to visit my girls, and I saw MH as she was leaving her parents house, we spoke for a little bit. I had her car insurance cards for her and her 1950's God watch I fixed for her back in March. She asked if I had any other mail at the house and said she wasn't sure if she shouldn't get a full change of address, I told her it was no problem to bring it during visits.

It hurts to see her in direct opposition to God's word by choosing a D (posably perminant seperation), something God hates, and usurping my God given rights as a father and giving them to her father. I can't see this ending well. But that is not leaning on the great loving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, who loves both of us and wants our best.

I had a great time in my prayer reading time this morning. It is hard not having expectations. I fight it so hard again them that I end up putting them there anyways. I completed this dare today, I didn't in person but I did in my next visits email to her.

  • When it comes to expectations we either allow love to believe the best or as humans we allow the assumptions to make the worst case. So, always believe the best. And when people ask how to do that, in those instances where you have an expectation, make the most positive excuse for your spouse in that time. It does not mean that there is not a concern or an issue that the expectation was not met, it just means you will always believe the best, so when the negative assumptions start, just make the best possible excuse for her and believe the best.

  • The thing that hurts me most out of all of this is watching my wife walk away from God. Neither of us were actual believers before. We went to church but we didn't obey God like He expected us to. This brought me closer to Him but my wife just became completely lost. It's hard to think that someday I could be standing beside Jesus while my wife is burning in hell. That's a possibility and it's hard not to think about that. She can do whatever she wants to me here on earth and I'll be okay but God won't be. It IS hard to watch them in direct opposition to God.

    My in-laws have basically raised our children for the last half year. Luckily this new court order gives me a lot more rights to them. It's just not right for grandparents to be so involved in all of this. I believe your situation is like mine in that the in-laws are heavily influencing their daughter. Sort of leading her into making terrible decisions. They really should know better. I have been as righteous as possible this last year (I still make mistakes) and the children see this. They are choosing to be with me because their mom and grandparents are very wrong. If you just keep it up and put God first you WILL see positive results. The kids will see that too.

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