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Dare 4-5R3 Thoughtful....Not Rude

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These dares I can't do due to no contact on MH but I will be in prayer all day about them, or maybe the Lord will give me insight into what MH was missing in our relationship.

Yesterday church meeting was meant for me, the worship time, the communion, the teaching and the fellowship after, orchestrated by THE perfect God to speak to my heart, and show me in my prayer time this morning things I didn't see before that are hope. I also sat by a guy that is going through a similar situation with his wife. I knew about his situation, he knew nothing about mine, a friend latter last night called and asked if he could give the guy my number, as maybe I could help him. All said we will be meeting Tuesday night for some fellowship and support.

God is so good to those who seek his face, love His law, and seek to obey his commands. Love is so amazing, it has so many aspects and covers so many fields of thought, I reaches into the heart, broken or whole, Psalm 23 says "thou preparest a table before me in the presence of my enemies, thou anointest my head with oil, my cup runneth over" I just can't hold it in. so he pours the fragrant oil of his love over the head and fills the heart to bursting so that as we sit at rest being filled with all the good things of God we don't even see that the enemy is present, and if we do, we love with that wellspring of living water (God's love) that washes our mind and allows us to see why God loves them so much.

  • Man meeting with that guy will be perfect for you. Very beneficial for him. He can learn a lot from you. Make sure you talk positive about your wife. I tend to make conversations bend to make my wife look worse than me. Such a terrible habit.

    Love is all one needs. That one word covers the entire law. True love cannot be conquered.

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