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Dare 3R3 Is Not Selfish

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Did this one! I love this dare. I did an Amazon gift card this time. My anxiety is high today, makes my left side hurt, but all in all I am having a great day. I was driving down the road listening to the radio singing along, and I just started crying and thanking and praising God for loving me. He is so good.

Last night I stumbled, I really hate myself when this happens, but I am thankful for a loving and forgiving God. I am off tomorrow and don’t know what the day will hold…the elder has been praying about our last phone call and I don’t know what he is going to do. I really want to return to fellowship with my family…and my family. I will not step into God’s way….His plan, His time….hoping in Him.

My mom and I got our slingshots in the mail yesterday and I can’t wait to get her started on using hers. I used to be quite good, a long time ago, flying birds, turtles in the pond and all manner of stationary targets. It will be good to get my mind off things.

I will be visiting my girls on the 4th and can’t wait. I love and miss them so much….His plan, His time….hoping in Him.

  • Everyone stumbles, it's a lifelong journey.  Do not hate the one God created.  Hate the sin if you sinned, and ask for forgiveness, accept forgiveness, and then be back to seeking Christ, not hating yourself.  Just as you said, thankful for a loving and forgiving God.

    As you said His plan His time.  Sometimes we think we are waiting for God to start His plan for us, but we or at least I, need to keep in mind His plan has been in motion for us.  We just don't see the steps in the plan.  

  • Thanks Tim, I need to hear that. You are right God doesn't make mistakes in creating sinners, we screwed up the world by sinning. By hating myself I blame him.

    "His time His plan" has been something I have been learning since the beginning, and it is a comfort to see his hand working, both in me and my trial, and to see people blessed by his work in me.

  • We all stumble. I flat out fall down all the time. Just have to pray for strength and keep moving toward the Lord.

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