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Dare 2R3 Kindness

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Kindness….I deal with people all day in a law enforcement capacity and love my job. Exercising kindness in this field is difficult for some but not for me.  I like to great with a smile and joke and make people laugh. The joy of the Lord is my strength, and my refuge, fortress, Joy, Love, and Fear. Seek His face and you will find him.

I was reading the morning Psalms and was struck by David’s boldness in his prayers and that God wanted us to hear him speak to Him the way he does. At one point he tells god to take his hands out of his pockets and do something.

I guess the lesson is God wants to hear your heart from your point of view. I tell you be honest with God and cry out to him and expect the best from him. Then praise him for his wondrous works, we have 5 or 6 thousand years of the history of the Jews and all of creation to marvel at and be thankful for, much less what he did for us on the cross.

To think He “set his face like a flint” “for the joy set before Him, Bore the cross despising the shame” what a great God we serve.

  • Growth is happening when you take the lessons the dares teach from doing them for your wife to doing them for others naturally, such as showing kindness to everyone.  

    You mention having expectation from of Him.  You are very right.  Maybe we don't get what we are hoping for, but He always gives us what's best.  So often, at least I do, confuse having no expectations of her lead to having less expectations of God.  

    Great expectations of God...For He is God....

  • Jewish history is amazing, because it's written in the divinely inspired words of God. It provides us with everything we need to be perfect but the only person who could be perfect was Jesus. It's just all amazing. If society would pay attention to it our relationships would be unbelievable.

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