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Dare 1R3 Patience

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Patience…I think I know what it means now. I can’t believe how selfish and grasping and downright vile I was at the beginning of this trial. It has taken me 80 days to come to a point that I really understand how little I really know, and how much I need God.

I am entering this round of dares of the dares with the hope that I can do every one as they are intended, and as I have been told, even if I can’t do them on MH I will seek God about how to do them or who to do them on.

I will do patience, love mercy, love unconditionally, forgive to my own hurt, give generously, live on my knees, learn about my king seeking His face committed to obeying his commands, and walk humbly before my God defending the defenseless. I know I cannot do these things in my own strength, I must place my trust in Jesus and never take my eyes off his face, and with his help He will prevail in making me what he wants me to be.

  • So, now you have seen how you have grown in your walk and gained wisdom  from round to round.  Keep seeking growth in Him.  it takes effort to do the rounds, read, pray etc, but the dividends are so worth it, in this life, and the next.   And as you continue to grow, your testimony will too, and she as well as your father in law and children, as well as others, will see that continued testimony.

  • 80 days? It's taken me 14 months and I still have terrible flaws. You have to keep reading your Bible and telling yourself over and over. It's easy to know and say what you need to do. Putting it into practice is what counts. It all starts with full submission to God.

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