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The last few days my work schedule has kept me from being able to check anything but email. Interestingly forgiveness has been on my mind more than most days. Forgiveness, it's more than just something said, it like repentance and surender, is an action. To forgive and not forget and start moving forward to build trust and communicate is not forgiveness. The Bible tells us to "forgive as Christ forgave us" Christ forgave us when we were actively hurting him, driving the nails and thorns into his flesh, then hanging on the cross he asked God to forgive them. He actively loved us and sought a relationship with us while we beat him.

This is something God is teaching me, even though my father in law has stood between us and said such demeaning and spiteful things to me, my forgiveness MUST be right before God. It must, like repentance, be complete and ready to move forward in the truth of Christ's gospel of love toward us.

This brings me to love. Love must be unconditional because Christ's love is. Eddie, responding to s statement I made about the difficulty of returning to fellowship, said "return with humility and let Christ shine" that is truly the love of Christ, to be able to love unconditionally is I'm posable without Christ, you have to surender your fears and pain and hurt to him and turn in faith and obedience to stand for the love that was shown to you.

I will with the Lord's strength stand I his light and love, and in humility own my faults and live for him.

  • The forgiveness you seek is the forgiveness you should give.  God's forgiveness remembers our sins no more.  This is what I struggle with, my husband says he forgives but still holds the account open to withdraw from.

    We must seek first God's requirement.  True Love and Forgiveness builds a relationship and glorifies God.  That is what we should be striving for.

    Holding onto hurts, only hurts you.

  • Forgiveness....something so alien to me...good point how He actively loved us even through the pain of crucifixion.  

    As you continue to be humble with your father in law, in time, it has to  bring him to tears when the moment hits he can not put you in the pit of despair with his words and actions, and he realizes what a fool he's been all along  when he should have been doing what you are doing, shining  Christ's light.

    Your keeping the door more fully open for God to work in her and her dad.

  • Full surrender is hard and very few accomplish it. I still struggle. I talk a lot about humility but I catch myself being prideful way more than I like.

    The Bible says God forgives your sins and remembers them no more. That's an impossible concept for a human. We can't forget. I know I should but I just hold on to the hurt my wife has caused me. Forgetting is very hard to do. It's my goal though. It should be all our goals. While going through the Love Dare I forgave my wife when the dares said to, and I meant it. But when I asked her to forgive me I don't really think she did and even if she did she certainly didn't forget them.

    When Christ was being crucified He prayed for His Father to forgive us. I really can't even imagine that love. I can only love to the limits of my human mind. It's hard to love a woman who wants a d. To love like Jesus did is hard to understand. What a goal to have though.

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