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I was thinking about this dare this evening, and have been coming to the conclusion that "lust" is more than towards a woman. Lust is inordinate desire. Lust can be placed on anything even an ideal...this is where one can loose there footing and not let go of lust. Sean said, in a comment about worry, that when we worry we trust God less ( worry increases our trust in God Derceases, and it is exponetial) (Thank you Sean for pointing this out) We in our trial can actually idolize our trial and worry over it thereby lusting after the outcome we desire. I know I must walk leaning into the gentle breeze of Jesus and let its fragrance wash my soul of the lust that I have scraped up around me in this world, like a dog searching the ground for a smelly spot to wallow in, and look for ways to justify my behavior. I must, as a Christian cling to the gospel of Jesus and seek his face, and not my desire, and live in the hope of his salvation.

Seek his face, kiss the Son, stand firm, wait on the Lord and he will give you the desire of your heart. Prayers for all.

  • Yes, until I read the book, I thought lust was only a wrongful desire for  the opposite sex.  How wrong I was.  

    I will have to reread what you wrote when time permits and let it sink in.  A thought that  hit was is it lust desiring a restored marriage that is right in God's  eyes ?  Does it depend on if  we are putting the desire of  reconciliation over the desire of God?  Or putting our  worry or fear above the peace and trust of God?  

  • The lust of the flesh is powerful. Just wanting your own way in anything is lustful. You are right. I see men as more lustful sexually and women more lustful just for attention. I could be completely wrong but that's how I feel my relationship with my wife was. Lust and pride work together.

    I have been lustful in wanting my marriage restored. It has been hard to put God first. It took a long time to get to that point. This trial has destroyed my stubborn ways which may be exactly what God intended. Man I was so stubborn. Probably still am. I need to work on that.

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