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I need to spend less time with my face glued to this screen to complete this dare. I do have the problem of spending to much time doing things that take my attention away from those I am visiting. I will start doing this today.

I had a great time visiting with the elders of the church I am attending, I spend the first 45min or hour praying with them for the meeting before it starts. they are great guys and have some great ministries that they lead. I might see if I can help out sometime, my schedule is kind of difficult to work around, so my help may be sporatic.

This trial was so hard at the beginning, I didn't know how I would survive it, when it started God said "stand for your marriage and see the salvation of the Lord." I had to come to the place of full surrender to see that I can survive it. God is gracious to give us what we need to carry through. I know that this time he so wonderfully placed in my life's path was meant to pull me out of this pit of death that I was so willingly wallowing in. I just have to wait and let the Holy Spirit do his part in MH's heart.

  • It's beyond understanding how most all of us feel like we can't survive this trial in the beginning, yet, God has pulled each of us that do the dares the best we can, putting Him first above our spouses, come away in peace.  

    It surely is a sign, not a coincidence like the world would say, that God is real and is for us.  

    May we all pull people from that pit as we continue our walk in Christ.  

    Waiting on our spouses, and in God's timing, it is not of the world to do this. And we are trained by the world not to wait.  Patience in God's timing and with our spouse, not what people will say we should do, but as you said, we need to do this.

  • I didn't think I would survive the first few months. I did. I can't say it's better though. I have just formed a deeper relationship with God so it makes it easier to deal with. Putting God first took me a while to do and sometimes I still catch myself putting other things first, especially my wife.

    Yesterday I told God I was all His. No video games, no TV. I went to church then I came home and watched preaching online. I commented on another support group website I'm on. On that site it's a lot of worldly people saying "get divorced." I come with a Godly perspective so it isn't always pleasant but I feel like people need the truth according to the Bible, not what a man thinks. I spent the whole day serving God.

    We are a light to the world. We have been put in a position to build a great testimony. We can't fail because there are so many people watching us.

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