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 Love is faithful....God is faithful. I'm so glad he is.

I get to see my girls today! I love to see them. It has been so wanderful to watch them grow up into such fine young ladies. the older two take after their MH the youngest after me. they are so accomplished they the older two play the violin and my oldest sings, the youngest plays around on the guitar and is really good on the pennywistle.

I have been looking at the LD and I am really grateful for what it is doing in me. One of the things the head elder said to me a long wile back was a really repentant person would be OK with what is happening right now to me, I thought at the time you are crazy, but as I have been going through it I can see just what He means, I had a hard time letting go of the things I saw in my wife that needed changing, I couldn't accept that I was the guilty one, and really own my fault in the outcome.

We as the ones who know we messed up must own our part and lay it at the foot of the cross. I think that most of us have done this and are living in the shadow of the cross, but some times, I know of myself, it can be a daily dieing to that part in us that wants to place some responsibility on others.

Living in the light of the risen Lord is not the easiest thing to do, true if I do it myself, but as we grow God lives it through us and we can stand and his grace becomes surender instead of actions on our part. As we step into the next phase of restoration with our spouses this must be the piller of our stance in the process, full surender to God, and walking in humility before your spouse. Standing faithfuly committed to your spouse (thanks Sean) and ready to give generously (generosity is giving till it hurts expecting nothing in return) of forgiveness.

My prayer is that all of us can walk in this surender to God and live in that light, the shadow of the cross.

  • I watched a video the other day and they preacher said the exact same thing about a truly repentant person. That they should be ok with what is happening. I guess we shouldn't expect anything different since we (at least I know I did) turned our backs on God for a while. He's just bringing us back. And I can imagine the celebration in heaven when we came back. Like the parable of the lost sheep.

    Every day I have to tell myself to quit being selfish and leave everything at the cross. It's hard to fight the flesh and fleshy thoughts.

    Living as a Christian is DEFINITELY not easy. I think it's the hardest thing a person can do. If my wife leaves me I'm supposed to wait for her? That goes against everything the flesh says. It's HARD. But I know that one day I will meet my God and I want nothing more than for Him to say to me "Well done my good and faithful servant." A little suffering in this vapor of a life is worth it.

    Full surrender to God and walk in humility before our spouse. My goal.

  • When the spouse has her or his wall up, it is easier to surrender everything to God. When the spouse shows signs of the wall coming down it becomes a dangerous time.  This is when it becomes so easy to   get in the mindset, without even knowing it, of Thanks God, things are better, I can take it from here.  See ya next time I need ya.

  • I know we all won't say that. But it is a dangerous time because in the pain when we are being rejected by our spouse, we are forced to find peace in Christ.  And then when our spouse softens, we find peace and comfort also from our spouse.  And then we, without realizing it, drop our guard and become complacent in reading, prayer, and putting God first in finding comfort.  

    So, get good at surrenduring now, so when our spouses come back, we have endurance in leaving it all to God and surrenduring it all to Him.

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