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I love my time in the word. I haven't had much time this week to read my Bible, because of training schedule change, but remembering what I have read and meditating on it. Fasting and praying, spending time just looking at him. I would like to say that I am able to do this all day all the time but that would be a lie. The drive home was hard, I cried and prayed, God is so good.

Well MH blocked me on Messenger....again....but that is OK I don't messege her but once in 5-6 days. That hurts, But God is my focus and I must have no expectations. I love her so much. 

  • I had a good cry this evening too. For a good reason.

    I'm reminded of something I said on here before that I just thought about again. A few months ago a person on Facebook, an older lady, messaged me and told me to keep strong in my faith. She said there was a couple from our town going  through something similar a few years ago. The woman left the man for another guy. The man stayed in church and was very faithful. Then after five years the woman came back to him and right now they are very happily married. She told me who they are but I don't know them. It was completely random but it was an amazing local story to come right out of the blue.

    I love my wife the same much!!!

  • There is a similar story in my town, and I do no the couple, the guy left and started divorce procedings, 8 months later their daughter had a baby and he came to see it. He went home whith his wife and never let again. Their testemony is so amazing and they love to shear it. I go to the church meetings with them.

  • That's awesome. I love to hear stories like that.

  • It is so good to your all of you enjoy reading His word.  I struggle.  

    It's good you go from being blocked, feeling the rejection and choose to love.  But consider, is messaging her evven once every 5 or 6 days too much?  Is that more than a dare a day or manipulating a dare?

    Cool testimonies you both shared.

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