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Dare 19R2

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This journey, in this second round, God has been teaching me so much. The most prominent is to lay my problems, sins, short comings, and failures down before him and let him have them. Without excuse, without defending myself, without justification. I have all through my life had to defend myself. God wants us to come to him and give him all and not take anything back. I know I am guilty of this, I feel justified in doing it. but I have to expect him to be faithful to do what he promises. Taking them back is calling him unfaithful, trying to make things happen faster or to my liking is the same, living in his light and walking with him is so diferent when you give up and just stand and see him work. it reminds me of when I would, at a young age watch my dad make something in his shop. I would have loved to help him but being so small and the tools so dangerous, even trying to help could cost me a finger or smear the paint, but to stand and see the project come together in its time and perfection....I think you know what I am getting at.

I like this dare, to see his hand drawing me to him as I learn and grow, as I look back I seem so foolish and frantic. I love my Lord and praise is holy name, I can't wait to see his kingdom.

I pray that God will have his way in your lives and grow teach you to grow in his love.

  • I love the visual that you give about helping in the shop. This definitely gave me a different perspective. So glad to hear you’re basking in God’s goodness!

  • We all want to jump in at first and do the work and don't realize we take a chance of getting in the way or cutting our finger off.  But it is so incredible that the people that  take the  dares seriously end up listening or realizing on their own (really learning through God) that the more we let go the  more God works.  

    without excuse, without justifying myself.  I have to think/pray about that and how I do that.  

  • If we try to solve our own problems and not leave them to Him like He tells us to I guess that is the same as not believing Him when He says He will take care of them. It's hard to think like that. That's what I get from your journal. We need to have 100% faith. Not expectations. He's going to do what's best for us, not necessarily what we want. And He's going to do amazing things if we just do what He tells us.

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