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I have a problem with the dares that require communication and contact, they just aren’t doable, then again, God did provide for me to be able to do one on her. I will ask the Lord to provide a way. He is faithful and I don’t give him enough credit.

Someone from the assembly (the church my wife is attending) emailed someone from the church I am attending and said that they should speak with the elders of their church and reconsider letting me attend because of the kind of guy I am. This really messes with me. I don’t know how I’m going to handle the scrutiny of returning to fellowship. This thing has been blown so out of proportion that I don’t know how it will return to normal. I want to return, it is my church family, and made up of my family. I love them all.  Truthfully I don’t know who knows what or to what extent the damage will play out, but it is painful.

I feel that sometimes when you seclude yourself in a bubble, a safe place, away from the reality of the world you can forget that we live in it. Some of us have to work with people that actively want to destroy you or just say demeaning and spiteful things just to hurt you, or your reputation, and sometimes just for fun.

I can’t wait to see how God is moving and what will happen next. He has shown me his favor, that I don’t deserve, and given me a second chance at this life, living in His name, to bring his hope to this dark world. The hope, peace, love that come from him are so freeing.

Prayers for all.

  • Wherever you are, be it the store or your old church, be the best you in Christ you can be.  Worry not about who knows what or thinks they know what's going on.  Some people love to believe the worse.  Some believe the best.  In time you can influence the people that believe the worse.

    Have no fear.  You've replied about fear.  You know...

  • I live in a smaller town.  4 large Catholic churches and many know each other.  And I live in a large neighborhood where many people see her at bars and out and about.  I'm sure and have been told about rumors.  Some true.  Some not.  Some exaggerated.  So I'm sure most everyone knows about her and our marriage.

  • We just need to live for Christ.  And that frees us from worry about our reputation.  It's also a good excersize in being humble and letting pride go.

  • It's not fair.   But you will sense people are attracted to the new you.  Not physically I mean.  But attracted to the light of Christ in you.

  • Living in the light of the risen Lord, you are right. I am allowing worry to sneak in and take hold. I think seeing MH is making me want things to go faster, but I want what God has in mind and nothing else.

    His plan, His time, I'm with Him.

    I guess I never looked at that as fear but you are right. I hadn't ever cared what people think about me until this trial, what my wife thinks really matters to me and the people around her and influencing her makes me care.

  • Return with humility. Let them see Christ in you. It's obvious.

    I would bet that people know a lot more than you think. I encounter things every now and then that really surprise me. things I had no idea were happening. Like getting recognized in church Sunday for my studies. I didn't expect anything like that. I didn't really know anyone was paying attention. Just keep doing what you are doing. Don't be your old self. And please keep helping me. I need it terribly.

  • as far as wanting things to go faster.  It does become what the flesh wants.  We end up trying to pull their car up to ours.  Read Sean's journals, from  oldest to newest if you haven't.  Schumura I believe is his  user name.  He, if I remember, wrote about this.  

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