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Dare 17R2

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The Lord established this set of dares so that I did dare 15 for MH and the next 2 I don't have to have MH present for. God is so good, and loving, and his provision is perfect. I don't have any idea what his end game is but I'm excited to see where he is going with this. MH is a great lady and she loves the Lord. She said when we last saw each other that she is listening to the Holy Spirit for when to start with me. This is the first sign of hope I have direct from her mouth and it was after her brother said there are some that still think I'm un-repentant. She is so beautiful, I was crying when she left, its hard knowing she doesn't want me to touch her, I couldn't give her a hug goodbye. This was the first time I was in a situation where it felt on the normal side. It felt kind of strange though, my sleep aid leaves me groggy in the morning just after I wake up and I know they noticed.

On a great note my brother with the merrital problems is on the mend, it was serious there was some other guy involved, but the Sunday message was perfect and a sister got up and gave her testimony that hit the situation in the mouth, my sister in law was broken and repentant, but as you all know the battle isn't over yet. My brother is seeking God for how to proceed and growing in his ability to love her.

The other brother's wife has a court date. I'll keep you up to date.

  • Man, that's great she said that about the Holy Spirit.  I think she knows she already knows the Holy Spirit is saying get a move on.  That's better than getting a tight, warm hug and kiss.   You've gone many days with no contact.  So enjoy this contact and you know the rest of what to do.

    I bet she really does want you to hold her and touch her, but can not allow it because it would mean she has softened more than she's ready to admit or ready to show.

    Be in peace, enjoy the meeting with her and keep God as your true source of peace.

  • a prayer for your brothers after done with this site.  

  • God may have chosen this time for you to go through this trial so you could be a testimony for your brothers.

    The sleep aid...Do you need to find a deeper level of comfort from God to sleep without it?  I should ask the same.  I don't use a sleep aid but sleep in the basement on the nights she doesn't come home till late.

  • I have never been able to sleep when she is gone, even for a night knowing she is coming home. I hate using it but I can't go on without it.

    thanks Tim I really appreciate what you have to say. I love that my wife loves the Lord and is listening to him.

  • So glad that your wife is open to hearing from The Holy Spirit! That makes a huge difference! I pray that she continues to listen and that you both continue to grow!

  • Understand about the sleep situation.  

  • You're doing so much better than me. Your positive outlook is always present. You just keep listening to God and everything is falling into place. It's awesome that your wife knows the Holy Spirit is helping her. I hope you two come through this stronger than ever. Such a blessing to read.

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