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God is so good, all day yesterday I was learning about prayer, what a great way to prep me for this dare. I had a great time in meeting today, great worship service, I felt really burned to pray for MH, spent time praying for her and being thankful. I found out later on that some of the other prayer warriors at the church were feeling the same way and praying during the meeting.

God moves in ways we cannot see and does things in the background, some he comes right out and slapps others he gently draws. I was slapped but "better bruises from a friend than kisses from an enemy" so I feel in good hands.

  • I listened to a sermon this evening in which the pastor said that no matter how bleak our circumstances are, God is always with us in the midst of them. He never leaves us, and he is consistently and persistently working through them to accomplish his purpose.  

  • Amen, I am seeing this week lab praising God for it. I thank our Lord for bringing us proof of his love and work in our situation. I can't wait to see what he has in mind go you. Amen.

  • So many times we view prayer as a last resort.  It is the most important thing we can be doing for ourselves and our spouse.  

    God is faithful when we ask.

    With everything in prayer and supplication..

  • You have been feeling and seeing changes in you, through prayer.  If this dries up, and God hides from you for a time, remember he is still there, just as much as the moments He was teaching you to pray.  And know that in the times He doesn't feel present, that's the time you faith is firmed up and more growth is just around the corner.  

  • God does move in the background. We don't always see what He is doing but He is working nonetheless. Every now and then we get a glimpse of what He is working on. It's such a wonderful feeling but He can't let us have too much of those feelings or we may get a big head and move away from Him.

    Our preacher talked about Job Sunday morning. It was pretty amazing. I went home and read the first ten chapters. I'm going to try to finish this week. What happened to Job was way worse than what I am going through and in the end God rewarded his loyalty tenfold. Job lived 120 years (I think) after what happened to him. God brought Job through calamity and made him much stronger than he already was. We could learn a lot from this.

    So happy to hear that people at church are praying with/for your family. The power of prayer cannot be underestimated.

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