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Dare 15R2

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WOW! God is good! I got to do today's dare oh MH. I got up about 830am and started my laundry and was looking for the detergent when I heard a knock on the front door. It was MH and her brother the other elder. They came in and sat down and talked with me! She asked me if I had started a DHHS case against her, I honestly don't know why she would think that, so I told her no. I think her dad my be continuing to speculate about what he thinks I might do or be doing. God is in control.

All day yesterday God was teaching me how to pray. He started when I was doing my morning quiet time @530 with him, and continued with one of my devotionals and then with a sermon I listened to, then a conversation with my mom and dad and then with my brother @10.

By the way one of my brothers needs merrital prayer, and the other needs legal prayer. I don't want to go in to detail, I know if you ask God for direction in prayer he will give it to you.

  • Our spouses do not know or understand Love believes the best.  There thoughts are often based in emotion or in the flesh.  Thus asking about dhhs.  

    That's great they stopped to talk.  It's surely a big step.  If she or the elders put there wall up a little for a short time to show that stopping over was not them caving, do not worry about it.  As you said, God's in control.

    Prayers for your brothers.

  • I hope everything got straight with the DHHS stuff. That can be bad for the kids.

    I learn something different about prayer every day. It's funny how you look back and see your prayers were mostly selfish. As we grow things like this are evident but we will only see it if we continue to grow. Search the scriptures daily.

    Prayers for all. God IS in control.

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