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Fights fair? OK Go's along with let's the other win.

I have been saddened by my past sinfulness all day, and really thinking about the way I have been doing things. I may think I am not a manipulative person but am I? What am I doing that makes people think I am manipulative, or unreasonable? I know what it is, I am perfectly willing to place blame, I can see others faults really well, I correct others small mistakes all the time, I push expectation on others and done expect the same from myself. I know Why my wife says I can't be reasoned with. I am a know-it-all and can talk about anything anywhere anytime, and intelegently to, and that can make people feel like I don't care about what they have to say, or that I know more than they do and that the should just stop talking. All this is reason to not trust what I have to say, if you already believe, that you are not that smart.

This shames me. But this isn't the end of the story. God in His faithfulness shows us our faults and works in us to change those faults and make us into the perfection he desires to have in a son or daughter. I thank hi mor his great faithfulness and for the love he has shown me in giving me a second chance and blessing me with tangable proof of his indwelling and provision in my every day life.

I ask my savior to bless all of you, and your spouses, with his light and peace. May your sleep and waking be a blessing to you and to those in your world, and may he give you opportunity to share the reason for your joy and peace.

  • I want to say this not to make guilt worse.... my husband is this way. I often have/had very little say. It’s very disheartening as a wife to commit yourself to someone who holds no respect or maybe doesn’t show respect for your thought and opinions  but also my husband often tried to invalidate my feelings. It’s a very lonely place to be as a wife.

    I’m thankful that God allowed you to see this in the soft, loving way that He does. Now, learn from what God has shown you and allow Him to show you a different way. It’s hard when God shows us these things. Good job listening to God and not withdrawing from the hurt instead!! Praying for you and your wife! I pray that she also is listening to God about her part in things and letting God transform her as well!!

  • Thanks Dowell, you haven't made it worse, God has shamed me and I will stand and learn. A good friend of mine was in the Vietnam War. One of his Sgts took him to the woodshed for saying he wouldn't do something, this friend, after the incident, came to say "thank you sir, may I please have an other?" this is how I want to learn from God.

  • I'm kind of laughing when I should be embarrassed.  I read your journal entry. then read Dpowell's reply.  I did not see myself in your entry but in hers I thought, man, that's one of the things mine was/is so angry with me about.

    Josh, I am sure that God, through the dares, is and will continue to bring this fault out of you.  so, keep consistent and worry not about the changes you need to make. They will be made through God.

  • I think the same way. By pointing out flaws is that manipulation? Or is it judging gently? What is right? What is wrong? It's hard to tell. I know in my heart, and I think you do to, that I have good intentions. We are not purposely trying to manipulate anyone but I can see how it would be interpreted that way. I suppose its best to be still and let God do the work. Just live as He commands and let your actions speak for you, and Him.

    Because of what dpowell said I think back to how I treated my wife. I NEVER had any intention of hurting her but I can now see my arrogance and selfishness, my pride, controlled everything I did. I didn't treat her as I should have. I don't deserve my wife. It is shameful.

    The only thing I can ask now is for God to give me a second chance, after He teaches me what I am lacking.

  • I think as men and women we can offer prospective to what the opposite sex goes through and feels. Now, my husband also feels I’m controlling. I think that’s natural when the other isn’t doing it behaving the way the other party desires. The more we try to get them to see things our way the more controlling it feels. This is something I’ve had to learn the hard way.

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