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Well I got to do this one. I sent MH an email about visits with my girls. I wanted to put something in the email thanking her for talking with me at the last visit but this is a place to put the dare before my own will and desire. So I said “love you” at the end. I have to say that it is very hard not to say too much.

I can in my pain and loneliness be hard and strong, but that only pushes MH away more, and she throws the Manipulation word at everything. I know that it sounds, and feels, manipulative if you don’t want to hear it or if you need to keep distance to justify what you are doing. Manipulation and Flattery are conditions of the heart, shown in evil motivations, someone must desire harm for or to do harm or harm on the person flattered or manipulated. I have a hard time with hearing my wife say that I am trying to manipulate her. I have no desire to manipulate or flatter anyone. Call out of sin? Asking her to stop teaching my daughters that praying about sin and then making a decision to live in it is ok? Asking her to stop teaching my girls to give up the work of the Holy Spirit because you feel justified in doing so?

I thank and praise my King and my God for his love and grace. I will keep his praise on my tong and speak is works to the world. His faithfulness is known to those willing to look and believe. He lifts the poor and oppressed out of the mud and sets them in dry and peaceful places. He will never forsake those who fear him and seek his face. Draw near to God and he will draw near to you. Eschew evil flee from the very appearance of evil. God said “if you are willing to obey then you will understand. I seek to live in the light of the risen Lord and walk in His way. I have purposed in my heart to run from evil and seek what is good.

  • It is tough when you see your spouse teaching wrong to the kids.  but right now there probably isn't anything you can really do about it, but pray and know God will show them truth in His time.  And this can be used for  good  for you kids since they do love Him.  

  • You're right, its easy to do things to push her away. You're light ears ahead of me at this point. I just kept on doing things I thought were ok but it only pushed my wife further away. I thought I was being nice, she thought I was being manipulative. It's a thin line that depends on perspective.

    I just journaled this morning about the same thing. My wife talking about taking the kids to church after she divorces me would be so hypocritical. It's like telling them to choose parts of the Bible to believe and if there is something that offends you its ok to disobey. Such faulty logic. I'm with you on this 100%. We just have to figure out a way to communicate this to them gently. Unfortunately, because everything we say to them is considered by them to be manipulation, we are not in a position to do that. Our only option is to live as Christ commands and let them SEE our words in action.

    It's a whole different life living for God. Not only does He take care of you, there is so little conviction. I remember the weight of all the conviction from before. I don't see how I did it. It is so much easier now when I can go to sleep at night knowing that I lived a righteous life all that day.

  • Thanks Eddie, I didn't know that. It is a diferent life. The word "called" means so much to me. It makes me think of standing in the ranks of soldiers waiting to be assigned a station, and being called to do a task that no ome wants to do, we have been "called" to stand. To walk the line and take direct fire for the sake of the cross.

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