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Cherish….what a cool thing to truly cherish someone. I can’t do these dares in person so I have to pray them, such a bummer, but this is where God has put me. So I get to stay in prayer all day every day for my wife. I do pray for other things like my girls, my in laws, my own walk, my mom and dad, a couple of guys that are in Afghanistan that go our church and their families……so I will just live in prayer cherishing those I am praying for.

Love is and amazing thing. It allows us to live a life totally not our own, one filled with the adventure of living in Christ, a life filled with the trials and pains of life that to some would feel un-survivable. But to us, this life of sacrifice for Jesus, it can’t get better this side of heaven.

  • Doing the dares in person is good.  But God can use you not being able to many of them as they are designed in a good way.  Such as you manipulating the dares to try to fix your wife and marriage or to try to  control things.  Or to change the dare because you think your way is better.  Because so many of us do this.  

  • What a concept in your last sentence.  If I could get my mind to think that  way...

  • That last sentence is something I see, and desire, not something I can walk in all the time.

  • I pray for very similar people, especially my wife. It's hard not to be more concerned about her soul than other people since I have a special connection with her. Maybe that's something God wants me to think about. You know, things could always be worse. Our kids could be living on the streets, but they're not. They are physically safe.

    Love is everything. God is love. If you truly love something you will cherish it. Make sacrifices for it. Wait for it. This poor world really has no concept of love. It needs people like us who understand, to show that love. To show Christ.

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