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I was thinking about Forgiveness and Unconditional Love, and found that nowhere in the bible are we to forgive in word only but forgive as God forgave us, we must act on it just like repentance John the Baptist said show works meet for repentance. The same can be said of forgiveness. It is an action of the will, to obey God and reach out to those we have forgiven, as it is put in Eph 4:31, as God forgave us. Unconditional love is the same way we are chose to obey God and seek the good of others. To hold a grudge or keep bringing up past wrongs to justify holding the other person at arms length is ungodly and is overt sin. Now someone can be injured and need time to heal, rebuild trust, or just need some space, but there should be no hindrance to the process especially if the one is a believer, sometimes outside counsel/individual(s), directly or indirectly, separate what God put together some well meaning others not.

Not being able to show unconditional love to MH in any way outwardly I have to thank God for his unconditional love for me and MH and hope she remembers the times I did love her sacrificially. I know the lord is working in the gap between us, MH just doesn’t want to/can’t see it yet. I am really hurting though knowing that I will most likely miss my daughter’s birthdays and the holidays I love to spend with them so much. All I can do is hope in my God and pray there is a change at some point soon.

God is faithful and will not leave the afflicted and destitute without help.

  • Yes, He won't let you go without help.  God always has an out for every problem we think we have.  

    Your wife has to realize you have unconditional love for  her.  Because she knows of the world's ways and  realizes many or most husbands would have let go of the marriage with what she's doing.  

    Keep being still and letting God do all the work in her (and you).

  • I think she would have to know you love her unconditionally because of what you are doing, even if she doesn't understand the concept, she would have to be seeing it in action.

    We did a long study on forgiveness at church. Took about six months. It is something we are required to do so it's not like we have a choice. Technically we have a choice but one leads to life the other to hell so is it really a choice? The process is hard though. The pain takes a lot of healing. But the healing can't begin until the problem is faced. We have faced it. Our spouses must not have made it to that point yet. I'm convinced that if they were they would want reconciliation as bad as we do, not because of our desires, but because that is what God says to do.

    Thanking God is the most important thing to do. Since we don't deserve anything we have we must be thankful for what we do have. I've been thanking God for my television every time I turn it on. I thought that it would be terrible to not have a television so I better be thankful for it.

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