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Well I thought I wouldn't get the chance to do this dare but when I saw MH yesterday I greeted her enthusiastically and with a smile on my face. So, Done. I have been trying to figure out how to do the dares outside of email or messenger but I haven't come up with anything yet. I will keep in prayer about it. We had a great sermon today, Daniel 5. It always hits me as something amazing how God can bless you out of a chapter in the Bible that doesn't seem to have any bearing on your life and situations. In verse 23 Daniel is giving the reason that Belshazzar is getting dethroned. In there he said '...and the God in whose hand is thy breth, and whose are all thy ways..." our life and our destiny is in his hands so "why are you cast down O my soul?"

God is still fighting for your marriages. Be thankful that you are not fighting alone.

  • I don't know why the program keeps logging me out 1/2 way through my responses but I lose everything I have typed.  Frustrating..

    God is Good all the time... your verse about "why are you cast down o my soul, fit with my husbands today it was 'if God is with you who can be against you."

    Leaving at peace knowing that the Lord Himself is watching over us should be enough for all of us.

    As to the messenger or emails.  Are you allowed to go to her place of work and put things in her car.  It will show her that you cared enough to make the trip there and that she is important.

    Just a thought.

  • No she doesn't work I support her. She takes 500 every two week out of our joint account. Every time I have seen her her dad says something about court action just to show how benevolent they are being.

    oh, I can't stand the logging out thing happens to me all the time.

  • Finding words of comfort in Christ is such a life saver.  Remember next time you feel like you are slipping in despair (hope it never happens) the words or verses that will bring you peace.

  • I've thought about journaling the dares in hopes that someday my wife can read them. Journaling what I would do if I were able.

    I find ways to turn every sermon into something concerning my life, specifically my situation. Many times I feel like the preacher is talking directly to me and about my wife. I think the Bible can have applications in every instance of all of our lives. It's God's inspired word sent to help us. That's its purpose.

    God IS fighting for our marriages. We should stop fighting Him and let Him work.

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