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MH is a consultant for a small business so I told her how proud I was of her for sticking with it.

Today I got to see my kids, MH was there, she had some things to tell me. She asked me not to communicate with her at all ( messenger, emails) except for visits and money. So I don't know how this is going to work any more. But I got to get on my knees and ask forgiveness I was crying hard. She gave it. But I think this could take a long time, she is fully intending to just live at her dad's house. It is good to have the comfort of the Holy Spirit, I think this would have put me in deep depression if not for Him. So when someone closes a door God somewhere opens a window. I just don't know where yet.

I will be moving back to my house next week. It's hard to live in a house with the ghost of memory. But it is my house and I will be better able to work in it if I am there.

  • Huge step she forgave you.  She may be struggling with knowing she told you she forgave you.  So, she may put her wall up even further for a short time.  But she took a huge step in the right direction with Christ.  Great news.

    Thank God you didn't hit depression like you would have before.  He is surely working in you when this happens.  Thank God we are weak so He can be strong in us.

    Pray upon what to do with regards to how to do the dares.  If you choose to no longer use messenger and email that's probably a good idea.  But now, with those options taken away, this is when you really need to rely on God to get as much out of the dares as you can.

  • It's hard to honor her request because of the desire to be with her. My wife didn't tell me to stop until she got legal representation to legally make me stop. It may be better that MH is telling you this herself. Maybe she needs time. And in this time God will still be communicating with her. There's nothing she can do about that.

    My wife said she forgave me when I got to that point in the Love Dare. I have difficulty believing her though because if she actually did she would be open to God's word, which she is not. This really bothered me for a while but we have to remember that God is the only one who can forgive our sins. If he does then we need no man to do the same. I don't think we should worry about it any further than that. Only when she fully accepts God's word will she be able to sincerely forgive you. That's the day I am waiting for.

    This works for me through prayer. I can't even count the times I pray for my wife every day.

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