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Dare 7R2

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Today's dare was again acompishable through messenger. I don't like text. there is no life in text and it can be taken so many ways other than intended. So I'm keeping it simple, no frills, just what needs to be said. It's hard not placing expectation on MH, but it is nessary, and as I continue to it is getting easier for me.

Not much more to report. Work on my house is coming along organizing, cleaning, prepping for drywall and paint. Didn't get in the word as much yesterday because I was busy, I really missed it, I don't want to let that happen again. There is a place we're I need to make sure I do make time for something important. I didn't think about it as something I needed to schedule because I just spend the whole morning in the word, with no family about to disrupt, it was never an issue. I have purposed in my heart to spend time with my Lord; to get to know him. Much more important than my time spent thinking about getting back together as a family.

Be blessed of the Lord today.

  • that's great you realize even more so now to make sure there is dedicated margin in your day for God.

    Continue to have no expectation of her but great expectations of God's great work.  I often get it mixed up not having expectations as also not having expectations  of God's divine providence for me.  

  • A couple days ago I made a vow to myself to set aside time each day to spend in the Word. It is necessary. And it's amazing how you read the same things over and over and often see something new. It truly is the Living Word of God.

    Text communication can go so wrong. I feel you there. But sometimes what choice do we have?

    Glad you are staying busy. It's good to keep your mind occupied on things of God.

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