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Today's dare was also easy over messenger. Today was the first day I didn't have chest pain all day, God is so good, I believe that it is due to the things I am learning and leaving in God's hands.

This time is time of trial is really a wonderful time, it is painful, but the pain is nothing to the rejection Jesus felt on the cross. It is nothing to Him to give us the peace and support to make it through this. I hope all of us in our situation can truly come to the point were we can live knowing that peace and truly live in it giving God the glory.

I want to remind every one, not just on here, not to forget to praise God and thank him for Everything not just the victories we see in our situations.

I thank God for all of you, God bless you

  • Josh, Thank you for that reminder.  It is so awesome to remember that God uses our pain to stretch and mold us.  It is so hard when you are in the moment though to remember that, we call back on our own strength, which is nothing that can help me or my husband.  All it does is bring about pain.

    I so appreciate this forum as "keeping his secrets" is something that is so important to him and no one knows what we are going through or that he is depressed.  It is a comfort that God has gifted me with fellow believers that understand.

    Praise God who knows what we need before we ever think we do.

  • thank God she does read your messages.  And that  your chest pain went away.  I'm sure it is because you are putting God first more so now.  

    I will try to remember to thank God for every circumstance, even the tough ones.  

    I too thank God for  this site and the people on it.

  • I know all too well how this ordeal can cause physical pain. You know though, a lot of it we do to ourselves. I know I did. I worried so much that it brought me physical pain. I'm slowly learning to get over that.

    Great reminder. I just though to myself yesterday as I was blessing my food that I need to be thankful for EVERYTHING. So when I sat down to watch TV I also thanked God for that privilege. We DO need to be thankful for everything.

    It is beyond words to express how beneficial it is to have a group of fellow believers to talk to. I am so thankful that God led me to this site.

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