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Messenger again, this one works well for messenger too, just a quick note.

I had another hard night last night driving home. I asked God to show me a breakthrough so I can have some peace. He is so faithful. I have been praying the Hosea “hedge of protection” part for quite some time and wondering if God would put a hedge in place. He showed me that outside of the house she lives in is the hedge, all movement outside her small circle is that hedge. And there is the Holy Spirit that is working on her. Also I went to my house to get my mail and check the answering machine and a friend of the family had called so I returned the call. This friend has experienced separation pain and was a good friend to MH. I brought her up to speed she expressed a desire to reconnect with Hannah. This is something I have been praying for a while also. God is so good.

As Eddie posted in his last journal. I to need to refocus and take all my cares to the foot of the cross. I forget from time to time that the cross is still there to run to.

Thank you, Amymg1, for your comments on Eddie’s post they helped me see this also, my day has gotten better already as I continue to push in to that grace.

There is so much to learn. So much in God to explore. I’m looking forward to this experience of living in this and hoping in it. I haven’t been praying for myself like I need to. I am going to start asking for the wisdom to walk in this new experience in Christ.

  • I love the account of Hosea and Gomer. She left him and went back to prostitution and when all looked so bleak for her Hosea was there. How in the world could he do that after she went back to a world of prostitution? It doesn't tell us how long this went on but it had to make Hosea sick to his stomach. How could it not? But he looked past all that and showed her unconditional love. Beautiful event in our history.

    We could study from now to the end of our lives and still have much to learn. That's the beauty of a life dedicated to Christ.

  • That part were he says ‚ÄúTherefore, behold, I will allure her, and bring her into the wilderness, and speak tenderly to her. And there I will give her her vineyards.... that is what i cant wait for. For God to give her her hearts desires in a new and changed husband.

  • Josh, it is amazing when we see God answers our prayers in a way that gives us comfort.  But I am learning more and more He answers them all the time I just refuse to acknowledge the answers if they aren't what I wanted to hear.  "Wait on Me" is the hardest answer but it the one with the most hope and grace.  Yes is immediate gratification which is awesome, No is heartbreaking at the moment, but Wait, is to put all our trust in Him and learn patience on His timing.

    I have learned to absolutely love this song and I hope it is a blessing for you.  I'm going to post it on my journal page, it is a long listen but worth every minute, the lyrics and words he speaks are on the video.

    I hope the Lord blesses you with it. Just copy and paste it into a new page.

  • God sure knows when to give us relief when we really need it, be it so our stress level comes down or our level of faith increases.  Thank God He gave you the break through.  Several years before this trial came about, God was answering my prayers and giving me many strong signs of prayers being answered.  I began to have faith if I asked to see a fish jump when I looked at the water, a fish would jump.  If I asked to see a red winged black bird on a bill board I would look and it would be there.  It got so frequent that I began assuming every time I asked for a sign I would get one.  And then I began practically demanding signs.  And it stopped.  I became to dependent on signs vs living by faith.  

  • I know you are no where as foolish as I was/am.  but just wanted to  caution anyone not to rely on signs alone.  

    but it sure is nice when we need that boost, God is there and gives it to us at the right time.  

    4 hours of drive time.  That takes a lot of margin of your day.  You seem to be using your time wisely.  That drive time can be a blessing in that you are alone and can spend time in prayer or just thinking of God.  But that sure is a long time to be driving.

  • Thanks Amy, you are right. I found last night that I can stand back and let the Holy Spirit live it out in me and that takes the burden of needing answers. I am so great full for His love and grace. now is the challenge to stay there all the time.

  • Tim it is a long drive, I didn't move closer to work because of church family and both my wife's family and mine living in the same area.

    at first it seemed like a long drive but I listed to sermons and lectures and podcasts on the radio to pass the time and it's actually a nice ride, and beautiful.

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