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Dare 3R2

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Here goes, I sent MH a Dunkin Donuts gift card over email. This is the only easy dare to accomplish in my situation. I got her a really nice bible last time. Last night’s ride home from work was hard, I have a 2hr commute (one way) and I leave at nidnight, I prayed and cried most of the way. God showed me some things though, I would ask Him “how can she pray for a way out?” and he would point me to a line in that post from the other night. That happened with all I asked of Him, and it was comforting, he is so faithful. He also brought to mind things my brothers in the Lord have said, men praying with me in this trial, that at the beginning they didn’t believe we could get back together but having seen me grow in the Lord that that feeling has changed and given them renewed vigor in hope and prayer.

I have been looking at John 14 and have purposed in my heart to obey Jesus Command to love with His unconditional love, which he will have to live out through me, but to know and trust him is enough and more than I could ask for. It’s just learning how to stay there in the light and not fall into self-pity.

  • Thirteen months and I still cried yesterday. I can't say it gets any easier. Good job on the dare though. An e-gift card is a great idea.

    I had all the confidence in the world of getting back together in the beginning. So did many people around us. My wife is very stubborn though and I just don't see it anymore. Neither do the people around us. I can't give up though because I know God hates divorce. It's so encouraging to read that your situation may be headed the opposite way.

    My biggest fear (for me and for you) is that if we do reconcile we will forsake the Lord. Be very vigilant of that. I can't even count the times that I have actually asked God to keep me in this situation in order to ensure my loyalty to Him. I'm just so afraid that if I get comfortable I will turn back to my old ways.

  • MH and my girls are in a church made up of family, and very close friends, that are in the scriptures and they will most likely not let her step into an other relationship outside of death or divorce. it is a very fundamental church. and they are all praying for reconciliation.

    I have prayed the same thing, knowing the pain and separation I would go through it again to get where I am now.

  • That's great your testimony has brought renewed vigor in hope and prayer to these others.  We all know how much God does in reading the bible and yet, when we see signs of God's work it brings us closer to Him.  

    That's great your church will hold her accountable if she considers adultery.  But at the same time, I pray they would also have her seek reconciliation..

  • Being surrounded by a church like that is awesome. That definitely improves the chances of reconciliation. My church is the same. I will not be able to remarry if I want to continue to participate in the church because that is what the scripture says. They can't have someone praying or serving the Lord's Supper if they are living in sin. The same goes for my wife, but for now she has rejected the church. A few months ago she wanted to do something in the church but the preacher told her he would take care of it. The reason he did that was because of her sin. The name of God would be tarnished if the church let someone who insists on divorce work in the congregation. Or for someone who starts an ungodly relationship after divorce. The church cannot promote that. Ever.

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