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Well Love is Kind, I dropped a note saying that I hoped today’s bible teaching would strengthen her heart. I have been taking the liberty to shape the dares so I can do them instead of letting God through the LD shape me. I am resolved to change that. I don’t know how this is going to work but I’m going to be praying about it, if any of you have any experience or advice I would be grateful.


It’s really hard to not “try”. I have so much to learn. I’m glad God is gracious and merciful to those who follow Him. I can only pray, trust, and stand.


Not by works that anyone should boast, I wish it was easier to just let go, I am so weak.


Watchman Nee writes in his book The Life that Wins “…the Son of God is waiting to live out His victory in you. Believe, and the result shall follow. Wait for the result, and you will never have the victory…


…hence you should pray: O God, I praise and thank you that what I feel is nothing, for in this matter the biggest lie of Satan is feeling; it is a close ally of the enemy himself. O God, I thank You that I can believe Your word instead of my feeling. For only Your word is true, whereas feeling is undependable…


…Praise the Lord that from ancient days to the present hour there is only one Overcomer in the whole universe! Praise Him that all the people in the world are feeble! We are all defeated, we are all useless! The Lord alone is Victor! We cannot help but boast in Christ Jesus!”…


I want with all my heart to walk in this all day long, not just when I think about it, but to feel His hand on me and to be guided by His eye.

  • YOur last paragraph...that comes to my mind often...Why am  I not looking through the lens of  Christ all day long?  The flesh is just to present in me...

    you're in a tough position to accomplish the dares.  many in the past have done them creatively.  And many times it just can't be done.  I'm sure its a fine line in taking control and doing the dares your way vs being still and seeing if the dare can be accomplished somehow.  All I know is I don't think there's been anyone that has journaled that's done the dares worse than I did.

  • Remember, anything I ever say and decide to give it a seconds thought, make sure to pay upon it if it's something you should consider.  I often think, what on earth am I doing replying  to  people?  but I think , especially in the beginning of a person's trial, sometimes all's the person wants is to know someone read what they had to say.  

    So, it's nice to see you and others reply to people.  

  • My biggest mistake was telling my wife things like I hope she learns something in church or suggesting she read her Bible. She took ALL of is as me pointing out that I am better than her. I know I'm not but that's what it felt like to her. The best thing to do was keep my mouth shut. I tried to hard also.

    We are all weak. Even in my strongest moment I can find extreme weakness. Realizing that is a huge step. Peter denied Christ THREE times. THREE times. Even when he was by His side for countless miracles. If Peter was that weak how much more weak are we? To deny his maker when he saw with his own eyes what He was capable of. All we can do is strive to follow Him and when we fall get back up because He will always be there for us.

    I want to walk in this all day long too. I pray before I eat but the Bible says pray for everything. I need to learn to be thankful for everything, not just food.

  • I think I can do some of the dares creatively with out bending them to my will, but I must be careful not to put my desires into them. but yes prayerfulness is more important than getting the dare done.

    it is hard to write a letter and not make it look like you are better than someone else I think that we don't have the ability to do that outside of the work of the Holy Spirit, God does the work any was.

  • You know, the Bible does say as Christians we are set apart. Are we technically better than everyone else? We are supposed to look at others as more significant than ourselves but we know we are headed for eternal life and right now we are living a righteous life. So it is hard to tell someone who is sinning that they are sinning without it sounding like we are better than them. Only when they accept the truth and live the same way will they see that we are all in fact equals in God's eyes.

  • It also says to esteem others better than our selves (speaking of a church body) I don't think we're  better, we are saved by grace, we are to live compassionately with our neighbors and by our walk and conversation draw them toward God. We do boast in our victory in Christ. that is a thought. Maybe a good study.

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