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Dare 40

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I did this dare the first day back to work after finding out she wasn't coming home. It needed revision so I am spending some time going over it and rethinking it. This has been an interesting couple of days, I have been able to see some things in the word from diferent angles. I think it is because I am looking at is from the standpoint of being a "doer of the word." It has a diferent flavor and a bigger meaning, like the first of the beatitudes, the poor in spirit. I ask the questions "am I poor in spirit?" "am I willing to let God make me poor in spirit?" I want God to change my life in this way, to make me more like him.

I visit my girls today, I am praying that the Lord would pull my wife back to him and remind her of his love and our covenant and that my girls would be more receptive of my love and that all of them would shy from the falsehood that they believe.

  • We have to fully submit in order for the change you want to happen. I don't think there is anyone who has ever fully submitted aside from Christ. Fighting the human will is difficult. We need to accept that we are far from perfect and constantly have that goal of being fully submissive to God waiting for that change. During that time He will be molding us and everyone around us. He's the sculptor. We are the clay.

    Prayer is powerful. Our spouses will eventually come around. Could be 25 years from now but they will. It is impossible to fight God forever. Literally impossible.

    Enjoy your girls!!!

  • Thanks Eddie I did, I played cards with them the whole time.  And yes submition is difcult, but I believe it is posable. The indwelling of the Spirit of God, teaches us all things, and if we let him work in us He will work through our members.

  • That's impressive the day she moves out and you took a look at your vows.  It sure is a difference in reading and trying to live in the Word or apply the Word to ourselves. But as we stay in the dares and read the bible, it becomes, I hope, second nature.

  • I hope so too, I definitely need to keep growing in patience and kindness.

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