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Dare 39

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Did the dare over messenger again, its the only way I can do it. I spent a long time praying about it, took a long walk. I am standing in wonderment at how God teaches us patience. The hardest lesson I think is patience. It goes against the fiber of humanity and makes you see just how selfish you are, but only when you are really walking in it, I jump in and jump out of patience and find it hard to. But when I do give it to God I rest and have peace. I get to see me girls tomorrow afternoon, I wish I could do something fun out and about but they have the say and I can't. Anyways I'm continuing my study of 1Cor 13, its getting longer and longer, there is so much about love in the bible.  

  • Patience.  Tough one.  I  still have a hard time processing  biting my tongue is part of patience.  To me it is still a category of it's own.    Glad you are seeing what it  takes  to find peace.  His word sure does center around  love.

    I know you really want to do the dares in person or at least using your voice vs messenger.  God is using  everything for your good since you love Him.

  • Patience and pride. To me they are the two biggest things we fight. They work together to make things miserable and the devil loves to use them. He advocates instant gratification- get what you want and get it now.

    Have a great time with your girls. Show them 1 Corinthians 13 is alive and well.

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