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Dare 38

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I have plans to fix up my house, not just for my wife, but to make it more livable and comfortable. It needs some maintenance done to bring it back up to par. These are things she would want done. As for her dreams, I want to take her to Paraguay to visit her brother, he and his family are missionaries there, I know that is one of her dreams.

So many people are telling me to go to court and get custody of my kids. They just don't understand the situation I am in. With the church being 90% her family or siblings in laws and her dad being a top tier leader, if I do go to court it will just brake her trust even more, and her dad will be able to say I was the scumbag he said I was. On top of that I swore to my wife that she would never have to fear court action from me ever.

I sent her my morning prayer via messenger and she read it. I hope she hears my heart in it, and her dad's interpretation would fall on deaf ears.

She is the love of my life and I want to be reconciled but if God has other plans I am willing to live a chased bachelor. I started reading Isaiah this morning, I have been in a dry time in the word, I am looking forward to seeing God's hand move in what I learn.

  • I was in a similar boat. I told my wife no way I was getting involved in litigation but once she started it I had no choice. SHE filed papers and threatened to take everything from me if I didn't respond, even the kids. I still told everyone, including our children, that I wasn't going to fight it but our children begged me to fight for them. SO here I am fighting it out in the ways of the world. It is not fun as the world doesn't care at all about anything and just runs everything through the mud. I do not envy your choice. The ONE thing I would say to you is do not worry about what your father-in-law thinks. Even though he is a top tier leader he is nothing without Christ, just like the rest of us. He is your equal whether he wants to admit it or not. The only thing you really have to worry about is your children.

  • Maybe you mentioned this before why you send a daily morning prayer.  But without remembering why, I would say to stop doing it, it is more than a dare a day and these constant messages get in the way when you send a message for a dare and the steady messages can drive her further away.  

    Those dry times reading or the dark nights praying all lead up to a greater growth in faith when they are over.  We so often pray or read with the expectation of getting so much out of it, and then when we don't we become frustrated.  But good growth can come after the dry times are over, if you persevere through them like I am sure you will.

  • Josh, what is your religion? I ask because I've never seen or heard of a church so unwilling to forgive and so willing to help end a marriage. If anything yall should be in intense counseling with the elders and mothers of the church.

    I'm sorry you ate going through all of this but as I've said in a previous post of mine, evaluate the marriage and see if it's a truly God honored marriage. Seems for some on her this trial can be over if they only take heed to God's laws concerning marriage. Sorry if I seem so blunt or disrespectful.

  • I am a christian, I go to a brethren assembly, very hardline fundamentalist church. no single pastor, all the men preach and teach, we have a sharing time where we have communion at the beging and a teaching time after.

    my father in law has a hot temper and he feels justified in his treatment of me because it's his daughter, he passed a judgment on me and that was that. I don't have a leg to stand on. he also has a medical problem that could be contributing to this. in my opinion it's just him.

  • if I don't have a dare I can put in a message I usually just write a small prayer down and send it. I didn't think of it as being more than a dare a day.

  • You should be supported by your fellow brethren in Christ. Doesn't the Lord command us to forgive or else we won't be forgiven for our own transgressions?

    You should definitely find another church.

  • Oh they forgave me, they just don't trust me.

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