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Dare 37

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I messaged her letting her know I miss praying with her, and that I hope to do it again, that I want to start doing it morning and evening.

I know I speek for this whole community when I say thank you for your prayers and encouragment. I still don't have anything to report but that doesn't mean anything because God's work is like a seed the seed has to grow roots before it brakes the surface of the ground. It is the same thing that MH will be looking for, when she starts to look, she will be looking for the light of the risen Lord. I think you can tell I like that phrase. I don't know.....I take that back. This I know that my Jesus lives and in his life I find my being and in his Word I wash myself and find peace. I will no longer repeat that "I don't know" but praise God for is goodness and grace and the wonderful thing he has done.

I will be missing church meeting this week and it is already hitting me, I really enjoy the time of worship and teaching and discussion afterwards. I don't have many believing coworkers and those that do don't walk the walk.

I wastold by a friend and now know why some of the ladies had a problem with me. I have worked in law enforcement for the last 12 years the first 10 in corrections. Watching inmates in the day room or in the chow hall you have to have quick eyes. My eyes snap to movement, any movement they were probably thinking that I was looking them up and down. It's hard to bring these things to light because it looks like I'm trying to cover up sin, because I have lied in the past. I am going to email what I think it is to the head elder.

The lord has been giving me things to think about and act on, like these problems that I am able to bring up to the elders. I hope that the Lord keeps giving me these so I can whittle away at the accusations. Pray with me about this, that the Lord will fill my mind with the truth of what is held against me. I don't know what they are because they won't tell me.

  • Just for the record MH has defended my honor and said that some of the things I said in my defence are probably what actually happened. She has been defensive of my charicter and doesn't want to do taxes seperat or insurance ether. It is a privilege to serve her and provide for her and my girls. They are my world and I can't wait to see them when I can. Please pray that God will open a Door and allow communication between us.

  • That's fantastic she's defending you.  and not wanting to separate taxes or insurance.  enjoy those thoughts and let God know you enjoy Him all the more.  

    I am sure your  coworkers who don[t walk as Christians see the light of Christ in you.  and if they mock or joke about it, thank God, because being mocked in God's name brings great mercy from God.

  • This is easy for me to say, and difficult for you to do.  but don't get in the rut and  automatically go to sending her a message for each dare.  Just make sure you are reading the dare early in the day and praying upon a door to be open to complete the dare the best you can.  

    I know, without seeing her and with no communication that may be your  only option.  

    I can't imagine what  you guys and gals go through not seeing your spouse for so long.  Just seeing my spouse in the beginning  months a minute a day was a gift from  God.

  • In the last few days I had a lesson about planting the seed. I can't remember if it was in church or on my own but basically its our job to plant that seed. Nothing more. Then God takes over. In His time.

    Missing church sucks. I don't know how else to say that.

    Past sin- Ugggg. We know its gone because God remembers it no more but these non-believers will never let it go. Its something we have to live with and deal with. The only option for us is to just live NOW the way we should have lived then and in time (maybe years) people will accept the new person.

    I would say worry not about those accusations. Easier said than done, but the Bible says not to worry about tomorrow because today has enough worries of its own.

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