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Dare 36

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Todays dare I just prayed about. I know she reads Psalms and Proverbs every morning. And I know she is reading the same ones I am. I got to see some friends yesterday, at a graduation party, lots of people even some brother and sister in laws. They were cold but greeted me, they have been fed lies and speculation with truth, and it shows in there demeanor. My wife has secluded herself in a small tight group that supports her.

I want everyone that sees me to look and say that man walks in the light of the risen Lord. I have never cared what anyone thinks or says about my. So this is strange to me that I would care. I don’t intend to appear perfect I can not, I am human, but to exude Christ and emulate His love.

  • It's difficult when they play sides.  Telling lies to family members or friends to garner support.  This is horrible.  But reflect Christ.  I never bad mouthed my ex to anyone.  I hope she chooses to see the truth one day and come to terms with her lies she told people.

    I don't know how I could look in the mirror if I said the things she accused me of.  But sometimes they create a world they can live in by justifying their actions in a web of lies they live in.

  • She told my her mom.  And her mother has been cold to me since I have felt. But last night, on mothers day, she was the same warm person as before.  In time, as you show Christ, the truth of you will be revealed.  

    Keep walking in Christ.  

  • Its hard not to be concerned about what people think. I think we all struggle with that but as long as we are aware of it we have something to work on.

    People will see you in the light of the Lord. You will be surprised at the people who you will influence. Some you may not even ever know about. Just continue to live a righteous life and in the end you will have a victory in Jesus.

    If she reads Psalms and Proverbs that is excellent. She's feeding her own conviction.

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