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Sent a message to MH and asked if she would go to the counseling, I probably won't answer but I must say I believe the best and hope in faith that she will concider it.

Went to meeeting today, it was a wonderful worship time and message, I was blessed the last couple of days have been hard and I was in need of fellowship. The message was just foe me, God sent it for me, I know because I called in sick today, the message was on Daniel 3, a passage I was thinking about this week. I the Lord takes away so receives the glory and restores so rerecieves the glory. I just have to learn patience and walk in the light of the living savior.

  • It is such a good feeling to have good fellowship. And also a great feeling about getting such a direct message it feels like it was only meant for you.  Thank God for these things.  

  • Patience is so important. Since God works in His time not ours we MUST learn to be patient.

    Fellowship with other believers is so important. I know that almost everyone I encounter in the "world" says move on but those fellow believers give me reassurance that we need to do what the Bible says, not what the world says.

    I hope she goes to counseling. What I really think, because of the last year of my life, is that when two people get to this point it may be best for them to separate for a while and get that third person involved to help them with their problems. It could be the best and safest way to deal with everything.

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