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Dare 34

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Well to day I got to visit my kids. I think I have PTSD from visiting and having to talk to my father in law. I'm sick the whole day prior and worn out the whole day after. still haven't seen my wife. The time thing was because som friends are graduating and they are attending.

I have been studying love and conenant, I have been under the impression that I was not the only one to blame for this. I was not fully admitting my fault in my heart, I needed to repent of feeling that I didn't brake covenant by my sin. MH has been more than willing to bare the weight of my sin against God and support me. I am here and now ending the chain of lies in my heart, hold me to it.

For my dare I messaged MH with a Happy Mother's Day. We would say things like this a day early to be the first one to say it. She will remember this. 

  • We all sin and cant be sinless.  So I am not so sure you broke the covenant by sinning.  Otherwise no covenant could be withheld.  And your wife is to forgive countless times your transgressions.  But I understand what you are saying, i think.  

    the feeling you get before and after visiting them/him......It is because you have not put Jesus high enough over them so that you are in His complete comfort.  When you trust Him enough, the stress of being around others disapears.  So, dig in His word and pray to get over the nerves being shot before and after seeing him.

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